Life in Colour created by PUPET and KEZ, both street artists, who were born and live in Athens , Greece.

Their work has strong influences from a long-term activity in the streets. They embossed the dirty style of graffiti through the prism of academic design. All these years they have been experimented using a wide range of styles and techniques, emphasize to the impact of Colour and their intention to set off the architecture of each drawing.

They participated in numerous exhibitions and in public murals as well. Life in Colour put their mark as individuals since late 90’s and as a team since 2015.

During these years they have committed collaborations with architects, working in projects such as murals for interior design in commercial areas (shops, restaurants, bars, children bedrooms, nursery schools etc.)

Usually we prefer to work with materials such us acrylic paints, ink and spray. Concerning the importance of our clients preferences, in occasions such as a baby room we prefer to use materials friendly for our little friends, like ecological paints (eco friendly).

All the artworks are a result of collaboration between PUPET and KEZ.


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